Meet Dezra. She was happy to share her health journey with the world and is a shining example.


Dezra before

When I first met Dezra, she was 295 lbs. and on some 19 + medications. She was experiencing leg cramps, cravings and had to nap every day. Her sleep was poor and up at odd hours. Her major complaint was lack of energy and basically feeling like crap.


Dezra before

We worked together for a little under one year. The goals Dezra set for herself were to loose weight, become a healthier person and exercise. We worked together on her diet with 1) a food journal and 2) major food choice adjustments and 3) lots of recipes for new food ideas. We set up a plan for exercise, and lifestyle changes. Emotional issues and stress were also addressed as Dezra dove deep into understanding herself.


Dezra after- in her words

"I've lost more than 40 lbs. I walk, on average of 1.46 miles a day. I'm the healthiest I've ever been. I gave up coffee, pop, and energy drinks. I also gave up fried foods. I quit 80% of my medications (with her doctors' assistance), including heartburn meds that I've been taking for about 20 years. I don't take naps in the afternoons every day any more. And I do about 90% of my shopping from the "outside circle" instead of the middle isles of the store.